Hello There!

I'm a passionate game developer currently based in Montreal.

I create engaging games, prototypes, interfaces, for consoles, desktop, web and mobiles. Here's my site, scroll down, click and relax.

Commercial Games

The world is big but is it really?

For the past few years I have been travelling around the world and worked in different game companies, such as Ubisoft in Montpellier (France), Behaviour Interactive in Montreal (Canada), Virtual Fairground in Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Digital Animation Group in Glasgow (Scotland).

Game Experiments

I don't always program games but when I do it's in Actionscript. Haters gonna hate. When a game idea passes through my head, or when I want to understand how things are technically done in other games, I try it myself. As I was reusing the same code over and over, I decided to regroup some classes, and tools within my own framework built around Box2D and Starling. Check out Boxling on my Bitbucket account.

Note: These works presented here are only prototypes, and do not pretend to be games.

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